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March 11th, 2006

10:54 am: Gravity is a harsh mistress...
On friday the 3rd, I slipped in some snow on my way to work. Actually, it was in the parking lot of my workplace, which was good, as that was close to help. You see, I smashed my face and hip into concrete... The blood went "pssshhh" in slow motion... you get the idea.

The building superintendents took me into their office and called an ambulance. The paramedics checked that I had at no point been unconcious, and that there was nothing wrong with my neck or jaws/teeth, and then they put me on a stretcher and drove me to the hospital.

Where they took me is called the TraumaCenter. I don't know the diffrernce between that and the ER. A nice nurse saw to me, checked that I had not been unconcious... and then I waited for the doctor. Who came pretty fast, was nice, and checked that I had not been unconcious (!), and also pupillary reaction, that my hip was not broken, and whether the cut in my eyebrow needed stitches. It didn't. But he couldn't tell if my nose was broken until the swelling had gone down. So after a tetanus shot, some painkillers and anti-inflamatory drugs, I was sent home, and told to check in with my local hospital if the nose seemed deformed when the swelling was down.

By monday evening, the swelling had gone down enough that I could see my nose looked different. Also, when I ran my fingers carefully on either side of the bridge, I could feel what definately seemed like a fracture to my inexperienced fingers. So on tuesday morning I called my local hospital. There, they said that I had to see an ear- nose- throat-specialist. So I looked in the phonebook and got an appointment with the nearest one. Big mistake.

My appointment was for wednesday. It went something like this:
Me: I think my nose is broken.
Doctor: (feeling it) It isn't.
Me: But what about that kink in it?
Doctor: That's always been there.
(at this point I wish to point out that I had never seen this man before in my life)
Me: Um, no, it hasn't.
Doctor: Yes it has, but if you're going to be a pain about it, I can refer you to the hospital you went into on friday. They're only going to tell you I'm right, but if you insist on a second opinion...
Me: Yes, please!

The following morning I went for my appointment at the hospital. The receptionist handed me a bunch of forms to fill out, but as I had a question regarding how to fill out the bit on what medications I was on, she asked a nurse to answer my questions. The first thing the nurse said to me was "Your nose looks broken, good thing you came here." Which made me think: HAH! to you, stupid "specialist doctor"!

So I went in to see the hospital doctor. When he saw me, he said: "Yep, that's broken. And the fracture is (feeling with his fingers down the bridge of my nose until he gets to the new kink) here! That needs to be set."

He gave me mild local anesthetic to prepare me for the less mild local anesthetic, to prepare me for the final step of local anesthetic. And then he set the nose. OUCH! My nose was stuffed full of gauze (extremely annoying!), and a plaster cast was fitted to it.

This morning, I went to the hospital to get the gauze removed (yay!), and the nice doctor looked at my nose again. And it's slipped. Just a little bit, it's nowhere near as crooked as when I first went in - actually, I could live with this - but the doctor has given me an appointment for tomorrow morning, to get it taken care of once and for all. I think maybe he's worried it will slip all the way back if nothing is done.

So tomorrow it's fasting and total anesthetic for me, and when I wake up again, my nose will once more be stuffed full of gauze and fitted in a plaster cast. But at least, it will be taken care of.

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November 21st, 2005

05:38 pm: Billy Idol in concert! WOOOO!
Last night my brother and I went to the Billy Idol concert here in Copenhagen. It was so fantastic. Both the band and the man himself were obviously enjoying playing, it sounded great... And there's something about Billy Idol music that just goes straight to the button in my head marked "Dance. Wriggle your hips. You know you want to." and pushes it. Hard.

And the voice - aahhhhh!

Also he has a great body for someone who turns fifty soon, and has taken that many drugs. And don't think he doesn't know it ;)

In short, an amazing experience. I hope they come back another time.

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October 28th, 2005

08:40 pm: I'm still here.
Hi, everybody!

I realise that it's been just over a year since I last posted. So I thought I'd just take the time to tell all of you that I'm not completely gone. I still check my friends list about once a week (to keep tabs on y'all), and sometimes I even comment! I just don't really feel like posting very often.

Thank you, everyone who wished me a happy birthday in Jacobs journal - I had a very happy one. And an extra-special thank you to Philippe for the delicious maple syrup and candy.

As some of you may know, this spring I got a job. It is a ph.d. position at GEUS, the Danish and Greenlandic Geological Survey. I love my job, and for many different reasons, but I just thought I would list some of the more unorthodox ones...

1. Every day is casual day. I even wear slippers at the office.
2. I have my own office, with a plaque with my name on it on the wall next to the door.
3. Sometimes I get to wear a white lab-coat. And you gotta love those!
4. I get to play around with big expensive machines with long complicated names, and refer to said machines with abbreviations.
5. Said machines contain things like electron cannons, lasers, plasma chambers and vacuum chambers. And they go "Vrrrrrr. Bleep."
6. Tuesday is cake day.
7. A significant proportion of the staff in my department are not Danish nationals, and we all speak at least two languages.
8. I have a set amount of hours of work I have to put in, but I decide when I do them. And I can even work extra hours one month and save up for extra days off the next.
9. There is a gym at my workplace, for employees only. It has very cheap rates, a "personal" trainer, and a masseuse.
10. My boss has taught me how to avoid washing socks.

So you can see it's a great place.

That was about it for this post. But know that I will be keeping an eye on you! And remember, in the immortal words of Anders Fogh Rasmussen:"It's all about managing the splat!"

October 20th, 2004

06:34 pm: I thought I understood english...
We've played two sessions of going-to-be-Vampire: the Requiem since my last update. I have now managed to kill off two of the characters, but they both got better. Or, you know, different. One is Daeva, with an Invictus sire, and one is Mekhet, with a Circle of the Crone sire. It's going to be fun playing around with their different approaches to "upbringing". Both characters had a "that actually explains a lot" reaction to finding out that stalker-guy was a vampire. And mr. I-hate-it-that-I-liked-it-when-that-creepy-guy-bit-me is feeling a bit better knowing that his enjoyment was supernatural in origin.

I had my birthday, which was very good - both the party for friends, and the actual day with visits from family. But I've apparently been a bad girl, 'cause it rained all day. On the upside, I got a frankly obscene amount of presents, so that's all good.

We've also played another session of Dragon-Blooded. We opened an industrial size can o' whup-ass on some Wyld barbarians, my character got some lovin', the Wood exalt de-existed some demons (which was really cool), and we hugged some people to death while we were flaring. And now it's back to civilization, to go a-courtin' (for the Air exalt, anyway).

Today I saw a (Vin Diesel) film which was originally titled A Man Apart, but which for some strange reason is called Payback Time in Denmark. I don't know what's going on in the heads of people when they "translate" an english title into another title in english for the danish market. I liked the film; it's a pretty straight forward "Okay, now I'm angry" story. But I had a hard time following the dialog (and no, not just because I got lost in the Voice). I think they were supposed to be speaking something approaching english, but... The characters routinely referred to each other as dog - not as something derogatory, though. That's not too difficult to follow, of course, except that they also referred to an actual dog, belonging to one of the characters. Too many dogs in one sentence. Also a lot of other slang that I had a hard time following. It's probably either that I'm European, or that I'm too old...

In slightly related matters, I just wish to make it known that I love my husband very much, for all the obvious reasons, but also because he not only puts up with but accepts my obsessive-compulsive behavior patterns. And for not only letting me put pin-up calendars on our bedroom walls, but actually giving me said calendar as a gift. I am very grateful, honey.

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October 7th, 2004

08:28 am: Sinful Chocolate Cake.
I think this one is very good, but also very heavy. Measurements are continental.

125 g butter
185 g brown sugar
1 soupspoon expresso instant coffee
2 lightly whisked eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract, or vanilla sugar
165 g wheat flour
a pinch of baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
60 g cocoa powder
1.9 dL buttermilk
90 g chopped dark chocolate

100 g unsalted butter
100 g chopped dark chocolate

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees centigrade.
Grease a tall, round baking form (diameter approx. 20 cm)with oil or melted butter.
Mix butter and sugar with an electric mixer; add instant coffee and mix well. Use a large bowl.
Add eggs and vanilla while mixing.
Put the wheat flour through a sieve into the bowl, along with baking powder, soda and cocoa. Alternate between adding a bit of the dry ingredients and a bit of buttermilk.
Stir until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
Stir in the chopped chocolate.
Put the mixture in the baking form.
Bake for 45 minutes, or until nothing sticks to a fork in the middle of the cake.
Let the cake cool before applying icing.

For the icing, melt unsalted butter and chocolate in a bowl in boiling water. Let the mixture cool a bit, and spread it with a knife on the cake.


October 6th, 2004

01:27 am: ... but I have pills for the death.
We played WoD yesterday. I killed off a character - but he'll be back next time.
I found that lucky dice rolls on my part made for an extremely dangerous fight for the pc involved. So far, I like the new rules, but we've only had one combat, so maybe it's too early to tell.

More under the cut, but it might get long. My players are still allowed beyond this point.
Read more...Collapse )

On a slightly different note, I loved how one of the characters freaked out after being bitten by a male vampire and liking it. Serious denial. Hee, hee.

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October 4th, 2004

04:46 pm: Haven't updated in a while, so here goes...
Not terribly much going on, really, I suppose.

Except it was jackobs birthday last saturday, and I got all present crazy with present-envy. It's my birthday soon, and when Jacob got his prezzies, it just occured to me that I'll be getting some soon as well, and now I'm all "I wonder what I'll get, I'm so curious".

My aunt's pet hare is still alive and doing good. It has been named Ninius, and is in the process of being weaned off the milk. It was visiting my grandmother last weekend (with my aunt), and was hopping around all over the place. It's not afraid of humans any more. I don't know what my aunt is going to do with it when it gets too big for its box. Last I heard she was thinking of contacting the petting zoo close to where she lives and hear if they had room for it.

In more game-related news, I've started my new World of Darkness to become Vampire: the Requiem campaign. Last session I got the characters into a setting where vampires were present. In a lucky turn for me, one of the characters start hitting seriously on one of the described NPCs, who happens to be a vampire. It was brilliant. Another of the characters acquired a vampire stalker for a while, but he's gotten over it. But the character with the mysterious girlfriend (who won't tell him where she lives, and who can only see him at night) is starting to look a little anemic...

We're playing agin tomorrow, so lets see how many of the characters survive.

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September 20th, 2004

09:57 am: My aunt has a new pet.
My aunt and uncle live by the beach. They have two german shepherds. Friday morning my uncle was walking the dogs on the beach before sunrise. He let them run free, as he always does, because they come when called. When they got up into the garden again, he thought it looked like the dogs had something in their mouths, so he checked it out.
Baby hares. It's very late in the season to have baby hares. One of them was dead. The dog had killed it. But the other dog was carrying his like it was a puppy, and there wasn't a scratch on it. So my uncle took it away from him before the other dog got to it.
Not knowing where the dogs had taken them, my aunt and uncle couldn't really put the hare back. So now it lives in a ventilated plastic box on their kitchen table, with a heating blanket and a teddybear. My aunt feeds it milk formula for kittens, and gets up at all hours of the night. When my uncle is out with the dogs, it hops around the kitchen.
My mom went out to see it; she says it is really cute, but it wouldn't let her touch it. It is only natural that the hare is scared of humans. But when my aunt picks it up, it settles down instantly and goes to sleep.
I hope it survives.

September 17th, 2004

11:07 pm: Dragon-blooded: the Boinking.
Yes, Marc, I used the b-word again.

Today we played the third session of jackobs Dragon-blooded campaign. In which a lot of the "action" took place at a House Cynis party. sergalas's character boinked just about every available person, and even our scholarly Ledaal dropped his pants. I'm then told I'm boring because I don't want to have sex in a room with 200 people in it, but would rather go play Gateway somewhere I don't have to watch these goings-on. A pretty little Nellens girl that our Ledaal has the hots for (but that he did not boink) plays Gateway with me. Apparently the other people in my Oathcircle think that it is allright that SHE plays Gateway instead of boinking her way through the party, but I'M boring. "'Cause she's cute and innocent, and you're just... boring." I'd just like to point out that my character - as the only one - has not boinked anyone in this chronicle. What makes the others decide that I'm not innocent? It's not like any of them have first (or even second) hand knowledge of me behaving that way. Just 'cause my character is a soldier, it doesn't mean I have to be promiscuous.

We also went to the premier caligraphy school on the Imperial Isle, and my character got to sit in on a couple of classes, which was great. Although one of the professors hit her over the fingers when she didn't do a good enough job...

And now we're getting sent to the North/Air. Which is kinda unfair to the little bureaucrat whose mother just negotiated him the right to court me, because he's still in Arjuf.

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September 13th, 2004

06:10 pm: "Stop being a cry-baby and just watch the film!"
And I did. Watch the film, not stop crying. I am talking about Saving Private Ryan, which, before today, I had never seen. Now I have.

It is a very good film. I cried through most of it. It reminded me why I generally try not to watch war films (which is because I get very upset). But I'm still glad I did it. So thank you to vincentdamour. And to sergalas for letting me borrow his dvd.

I also saw Shrek 2 earlier today, in the theatre. Very funny. Won't really get more into that, as I'm not in funny mode right now.

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