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11:58 am: Birds of Paradise
A couple of weeks ago, we played a second round of Warhammer 40K 500 points games. Again, my Wyches performed admirably, though mainly because the jibes of the spectators shamed my opponent into having his models exit their APC's. If they had stayed inside their vehicles, I don't think I could have done much to hurt them, but as it was, they came out and my Wyches plus close combat Archon ate them for lunch.I doubt he will let that happen next time we play...

Secondly, as we were only four players, we had a 1000 point game with two generals per side. So it was Imperial Fists and Grey Knights versus Tyranids and Necrons. I know it doesn't make any sense, fluff-wise, for Tyranids or Necrons to ally with anyone, but I really wanted to try out my old Necron army with the new rules. We fought to a draw, with the Tyranid Broodlord being the definite man-beast-thing of the match, eating many Imperial Fists, and my Destroyers being shot to pieces by the Grey Knight Terminators without having done anything useful. Lesson learned: when playing Necrons, use big units.

I am well under way with my painting homework for the deadline of January 1st. I have chosen my units, as well as assembled and undercoated them.The first unit I am painting are Scourges. I have no idea how good they are going to be, but the models are, in my opinion, the most beautiful jump infantry in the game. They all have wings instead of jump packs, and while it was easy to decide a colour scheme for the bat wings, the feather wings were more of a problem. Until Jacob suggested birds of paradise. I have some really old paints that are now out of production, among them some metallic colours; so now the feathers of the Scourges are glittering in green, blue and purple. I'm really happy with the results, and hope to have pictures up soon.


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Date:November 25th, 2011 01:49 pm (UTC)
*waiting for the pics*

Sounds wicked!

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